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How to Choose a Real Estate Lawyer

Choosing a real estate lawyer Hamilton Ontario is an important decision to make when dealing with legal issues regarding real estate. They are not all the same, and the process is beyond randomly choosing a name from the phone book. Considering real estate attorneys have varying levels of competence, how can you determine whether or not you have found the best?

Meeting Personally

First off, never hire an attorney solely based on a telephone conversation. Keep in mind that you will be work closely with this professional on important issues, so you have to meet with them personally before making any final decisions. See whether the lawyer seems genuinely interested and knowledgeable about handling your case, and that you feel comfortable around them. If anything feels wrong, find another lawyer.

No Guarantees

As most people do when seeking legal representation, you might want to ask about your chances of a favorable outcome. If the attorney assures you of a win or brags that he has never lost like yours, be wary. Truth is, no attorney can tell for sure how a case will play out, regardless of how much they know about the situation. There is so much work to be done, from digging facts to examining the other party’s arguments and evidence, and so forth. A good real estate attorney will simply tell you know that he has worked with similar cases in the past and that he will do everything he can to help you based on his experience.


Asking for recommendations from people you know - relatives, friends, office mates, etc. - is often a good way of finding a reputable lawyer. If you know an attorney in another field of law or a judge in the court system, approach them too.


The costs of using legal services is determined by a variety of factors, from experience level to location to the difficulty of the case, etc. It’s always a good thing to meet with a minimum of three real estate attorneys and compare their experience level, track record of successful cases, and fees. Be very clear regarding the fees, which will often be charged either by the hour or as a fixed rate.

Taking Time

In our hectic world these days, people often go with the first real estate lawyer who responds to them, but this is a risky prospect. You’re probably frustrated over a deal gone bad, but it shouldn’t take only a day to make it right. No matter how serious your real estate problem may be, you will still be better off taking your time and finding the best attorney you can find. Hire the best one now!

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